Cyprus in Style

Living in Cyprus gives you a unique perspective on the island and its people. I’ve lived in Cyprus for twelve years come September 2020 and in that time, I have seen many changes. Some of these changes have been good, some bad, some almost catastrophic. But in all that time, the one thing that stands out, is that the people of Cyprus simply shrug their shoulders and get on with their lives. We laugh, we cry, but we don’t let life get us down.

On holiday in Cyprus you will discover that the island has so much to offer any traveller, no matter how long or short your stay is. So, my advice to you is simple, slow down to the same pace as the island, which in Greek is siga, siga, slowly slowly in English. Now let the island’s culture wash over you, enjoy the weather, enjoy the food, enjoy the wine… but most of all, enjoy yourself.

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