Aaron Didn’t Want to Be a Jumper

Of course, it’s a play on words and quite a poor attempt at humour. If you’re not British, you won’t understand the connection between Aaron and jumper, but never mind.

Here in Cyprus you may well have seen the Glass Dance. Put simply it’s where a dancer has glasses of liquid piled on his or her head while he/she is still moving around, even better if they are attempting to dance and make little jumps as the professionals do. Sometimes trays of glasses are piled on the poor soul’s head. This spectacle is usually reserved for honoured guests, better known as gullible holidaymakers.

Many believe these trays have the glasses stuck to the tray, but either way it’s still impressive. What’s even more impressive is when the dance group pick a willing stooge, sorry, volunteer, from the audience. Usually male and usually a few glasses of wine or beer under their belts. Not long ago, in Kouklia village square, it was the turn of Aaron, on holiday from England, who was singled out to be the volunteer.

The twist is that the volunteer believes he has glasses piled on his head, he’s even shown what it is they expect him to balance. When all he ever had on his head was a single glass. To add to the belief the crowd is encouraged to cheer and clap when each glass was placed on Aaron’s head. The night in question the crowd were more enthusiastic than usual and encouraged Aaron to strut his stuff and Aaron dutifully obliged, much to the delight of the large audience seated at the various Tavernas in Kouklia village square.

I’m never certain, but I assume the victim is told about the deception later, but I hope his friends and family kept up the pretense for a while, he was so proud of his achievement. It’s a bit of fun and with the fabulous food and drink it’s well worth a visit to Kouklia, near Paphos, on a Thursday evening during the summer in the future.

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